Tom Robinson

Mr Tom Robinson

Research topic:
Direct democracy and campaign finance in the US
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Research Themes:
Government Elections Public Policy Constitutions, Institutions and Governments Institutions and organisations 

Academic Profile

Tom is an MPhil candidate in Comparative Government and a member of St Anne's College. His research focusses on the ballot initiative process in the United States, campaign finance contributions and how actors cooperate across institutional borders. 

His current project examines the geographical and ideological features of campaign contributions to ballot initiatives, to better understand and situate direct democracy within the US political system. Tom's previous research studied drug legalisation initiatives passed via the ballot, and how such changes at the state level affect the dynamics of US federalism.

Tom received his BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from the University of Oxford in 2016.


Richard E. Neustadt Prize (2017) - for the best paper in the field of US government and politics presented by a postgraduate student at the annual American Politics Group conference.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Cannabis Coalitions: Cooperation Across Institutional Borders (APG 2017)

Marijuana Legalisation at the Ballot Box: Iteration and Interactivity in the Ballot Initiative Process (MPSA 2016)