Tom Robinson

Mr Tom Robinson

Research topic:
Democracy, representation and campaign finance in the US
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Government Elections Representation Constitutions, Institutions and Governments Institutions and organisations 

Academic Profile

I am a DPhil candidate in Politics and a member of Wadham College. My studies are co-funded by the ESRC Grand Union DTP and the Wadham-Mr Michell RCUK graduate scholarship.

My research focusses on democratic representation and direct legislation within the United States, including issues surrounding campaign finance and ideology. My latest research compares the ideological composition of campaign contributions to both representative and direct democratic campaigns, in order to better understand when legislation is likely to pass directly at the ballot. I have previously researched drug legalisation initiatives in the US, to examine what these state-level changes tell us about the nature of direct democratic campaigns.

Prior to starting the DPhil, I received my MPhil in Politics in 2018 and BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) in 2016, both from the University of Oxford.


DPIR Quantitative Methods Scholarship (2018) - scholarship and teaching assistantship for the Q-Step programme.

Richard E. Neustadt Prize (2017) - for the best paper in the field of US government and politics presented by a postgraduate student at the annual American Politics Group conference.


“Where will the British go? And why?” Social Science Quarterly, Forthcoming. Co-authored with Raymond Duch, Denise Laroze and Constantin Reinprecht. Accepted contingent upon final revision.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Populism and Immigration Demand: Preferences of High-Skilled Laborers Around the World (JMCE Research Workshop 2018)

“Put your money where your mouth is”: Comparing campaign contributions between direct and representative campaigns (APG 2018)

Investigating Integrity: A Multi-Disciplinary Literature Review (Blavatnik Research Seminar 2017).

Cannabis Coalitions: Cooperation Across Institutional Borders (APG 2017)

Marijuana Legalisation at the Ballot Box: Iteration and Interactivity in the Ballot Initiative Process (MPSA 2016)