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Virginia Consuelo Nizza

Virginia Consuelo Nizza

Research topic:
Technology and International Relations
Degree course:
DPhil, MPhil

Research Themes:
Cyber security International relations International security Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Norms, legitimacy and justification 

Academic Profile

I am a DPhil candidate in International Relations and an Economic and Social Research Council Scholar at Balliol College, University of Oxford. My research interests lie at the intersection of International Security, Cyber Security and Foreign Policy Analysis. My current research focuses on the technology private sector as a site of great power competition between the United States and China.

Prior to joining Oxford's DPIR, I obtained a BA in International Relations from the War Studies Department at King's College London. I then worked as a research collaborator for a Florence-based think tank, the Center for Cyber Security and International Relations Studies, and obtained an MPhil in International Relations with distinction from the University of Oxford. My MPhil research compared the United Kingdom's policies on Chinese investments in nuclear power and telecommunications, in order to shed light on how European states make decisions about letting foreign companies partake in their critical national infrastructures. 


English (native/bilingual proficiency), Italian (native/bilingual proficiency), French (full professional proficiency) and Spanish (elementary proficiency)