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Endrit Shabani

Endrit Shabani

OXPO Visiting Student
24 October 2017 until 30 June 2018
St Antony's College
Office Address:
St. Antony's College, 62 Woodstock Road, Oxford. OX2 6JF

Endrit Shabani: I am an 'action researcher'. I have a first in Law, a Master's of science in Education, and I am currently working towards my doctoral degree in Politics. I am a current Clarendon Scholar, and have benefited from various scholarships throughout the course of my academic studies. Right after I completed my first in Law, I taught Public Law for two years. In the period between my academic degrees, I served as the Program Manager for the Albanian branch of two international Think Tanks: Transparency International and Open Society Foundations. Additionally, I have consulted for international organisations (e.g. Council of Europe, UNICEF, UNW, UNFPA). This working experience has given me the opportunity to conduct various policy analysis and help to craft policies and laws, specifically laws and bylaws which govern education in Albania. Similarly, my experience as a lecturer for some universities in Tirana (i.e. University of Tirana, European University of Tirana and Luarasi University) has exposed me to policy assessment and policy evaluation, areas of endeavour that I have and will continue to address further during my academic studies at the University of Oxford. Both my Master’s dissertation and my DPhil project  draw on Global Governance and the role that International Organisations play in shaping education policymaking in Europe.