Tore Hamming

Tore Hamming

Department Visiting Student
17 June 2019 until 16 July 2019
Office Address:
Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford, Manor Road, Oxford. OX1 3UQ

Tore Hamming is a Ph.D. candidate in political and social science at the European University Institute in Florence. He was previously a visiting fellow at CERI-Sciences Po and the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS).

In his research, Hamming specialises in Sunni Jihadism and particularly the internal conflict dynamics between and within Jihadi groups. His Ph.D. dissertation, which builds on thousands of primary documents and interviews with Jihadi ideologues, analyses the split in early 2014 between al-Qaida and the Islamic State and the ensuing conflict and competition between the two groups, not just affecting the two groups in question but the Sunni Jihadi movement more broadly.

Hamming’s academic research has been published in Perspectives on Terrorism, Terrorism and Political Violence and the CTC Sentinel, while his analysis has appeared in international media including Le Monde, Al Jazeera, World Policy Review, War on the Rocks and the Guardian. He currently blogs on

Based on his work on Jihadi groups, Hamming has testified in court in cases against Danish foreign fighters joining the Islamic State in Syria.

Twitter: @Torerhamming