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Nelson A. Ruiz

Nelson A. Ruiz

Departmental Lecturer in Comparative Politics
Nuffield College

My research interests are in the political economy of development. I use quasi-experimental designs, to study the role of politicians and political institutions in economic development. I’ve studied how political representation of political minorities can lead to conflict, how vote buying can affect corruption, and how electoral systems can affect who runs for office. Lately I´ve been interested in studying the role of campaign finance contributions on politician selection, and distortions on public procurement.

In 2018 I started as a Lecturer in Comparative Politics at University of Oxford Department of Politics and International Relations. I am also an Associate Member at Nuffield College. I completed my PhD at London School of Economics, and previously I was a post-doctoral researcher at ETH-Zurich Public Policy Group (Chair: Dominik Hangartner), a fellow at Harvard-IQSS and part of the Visiting Scholars Program at NYU-Politics department.

Before academia I used to work at the Inter-American Development Bank as a research fellow evaluating development projects in the field across Latin-America