Tomas Wallenius

Tomas Wallenius

Departmental Lecturer in International Relations
Somerville College

I am interested in International Relations theory, political theory and global international history. My current project outlines a new interpretation of the history of the global legal order. I argue that rethinking key dimensions of the conventional approach to studying the history of international law allows for a better understanding of the dynamics of international legal change. In empirical terms my current research provides a critique of the usual account of the making of the liberal international order, with particular reference to the roles played by Britain and the United States.

My multidisciplinary research engages with International Relations scholars, historians, international lawyers and political theorists. I have work experience from the Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford University as well as the Erik Castrén Institute of Human Rights and International Law at Helsinki University. I studied political science, contemporary history and international law at Helsinki, followed by International Relations at Oxford. I am committed to engaging academic research with contemporary policy discussions as, for example, a founder and editor at The Ulkopolitist, which has become a leading Finnish-language publication on international relations.

I contribute to graduate teaching in the Development of the International System and Contemporary Debates in International Relations Theory. I teach the undergraduate papers in International Relations at Somerville College and contribute to the department's undergraduate lectures in International Relations. Students are very welcome to contact me through email in case of queries.  



‘The Case for a History of Global Legal Practices’, European Journal of International Relations (online first, 19 December 2017)