About the Fulbright Lectures

These distinguished annual lectures commemorate former United States Senator J. William Fulbright, alumnus of Pembroke College, Oxford and founder of one of the most prestigious international education awards programs in the world: the Fulbright Program.

They are organised in association with Pembroke CollegeUS-UK Fulbright CommissionFulbright Association and Lois Roth Endowment.

Former speakers include:

  • John Kerry, former U.S. special presidential envoy for climate
  • Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, past President of the British Academy and
  • David Miliband, President of the International Rescue Committee

2024 Oxford Fulbright Distinguished Lecture

The 2024 Fulbright Distinguished Lecture took place on Friday 14 June at Pembroke College Oxford. Dr Fareed Zakaria, esteemed Washington Post columnist and CNN host spoke on the subject of 'Towards a Post-American International Order'.

Almost 80 years on from the end of World War II, the international liberal order is under acute stress around the world while its main supporter, the United States, turns increasingly inward. In his 2024 Fulbright Distinguished Lecture, CNN host and best-selling author Fareed Zakaria examined the dramatic shifts in geopolitics we are currently witnessing and asked: what is going to come next?

Fulbright Lecture 2024