How to find information about this course

The bipartite nature of the degree means there is information in various places, but the definitive information about this degree (including entry requirements) is on the University of Oxford History and Politics webpage

Very detailed information about the practicalities and details of the degree can be found in the course handbooks on the Oxford Historians Hub. Each year a course handbook (covering that year’s papers and rules) is given to current students. While the exact details change from year-to-year, it can give you an insight into how the degree works and what you may be able to study.

Our Undergraduate study webpage aims to give you a flavour of what you will learn through the politics papers within History and Politics. There is an equivalent page hosted on the Faculty of History's website.


I have loved the freedom the course has offered to explore my interests, ranging from the politics of Russia to the history of Victorian childhood, and being taught by experts in their fields enriches the degree experience even further.

HP students and alumni

“100% in work or doing further study 15 months after the course.” (Based on data from full time HP BA students graduating during 2018-2019.)

To date, more than 900 students have graduated in History and Politics and have gone on to an incredibly broad range of careers - from journalism to marketing, research to teaching, politics to the law, the civil service to finance, sustainability to museum curation. Former students have worked for all the major political parties, most departments within government, most newspapers, the major legal and accountancy firms and NGOs from UNICEF to the Prince's Trust.