Artificial Intelligence, Decision-Making, and the Future of Conflict

6 Nov 2023
17:00 UK time
Discussion Group
Adam McCauley
Hertford College, Boyd Room, Catte Street OX1 3BW
CCW: Emerging Threats & Technology Working Group
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Our guest speaker will present the key arguments and implications of his current manuscript, The Price of Certainty. His book offers the first systematic assessment of how AI systems, and the tools they produce, will reshape political and military decision-making. These technologies will offer faster-than-human calculation and handle data volumes that far exceed human cognitive capabilities. As these tools demonstrate their operational advantages, they will definitively reform how we, as humans, think about, understand, and act in the world. Most worryingly, these changes threaten to fundamentally reshape the strategic grammar (and upend extant theories) of international relations.

Adam McCauley is a trained journalist, holds a DPhil (International Relations @ Oxford) and currently works as a senior analyst with the Department of National Defence (Canada). His current manuscript, The Price of Certainty: Artificial Intelligence, Decision-Making, and the Future of Conflict, is under contract with McGill-Queens University Press. You can learn more about his work here: www.anmccauley.com

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