Learning from Ukraine: origins, impacts, and lessons for peacebuilding

29 Apr 2023
09:00 UK time
Rt Revd & Rt Hon Lord Rowan Williams
Bennett Freeman
Prof Alex de Waal
Carne Ross
Ukrainian speakers
Federica D'Alessandra
Dr Andrii Pastushenko
Ruslan Pavlyshyn
Diana Zhuromska
Yaroslava Bukhta
Brooks Newmark
Dr Luke Cooper
Dr Marnie Howlett
Auditorium, Accessible auditorium St John's College
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Pay cash at door, students £5, others £10 (and added donations are welcome). Bank transfers at door also possible. No cards!
Registration is strongly advised. It will probably be possible to walk in on the day (bring cash, Students £5, others £10, and donations are welcome) but please register in advance if possible to help with numbers for catering. Coffee/tea breaks and sandwich lunch are included.

The OxPeace annual conference, open to all, seeks this year to go beneath the surface of the conflict in Ukraine: to better understand its origins and the motivations and aspirations that have brought the parties into the present situation of war; to explore some of its local and worldwide impacts (particularly in the fields of religion, business and trade, humanitarianism, and diplomacy) and to consider the lessons to be drawn for the building of peace within Ukraine and Russia and internationally. What might have been done better in the past? What is needed now and for the future? What lessons for other situations? What lessons in general for peacebuilding? The programme will be interactive, aiming to share the insights of plenary speakers on the international level, to hear from Ukrainian scholars presently in Oxford, and to give time for reflection and discussion. Speakers include Rt Revd Rowan Williams, Prof. Alex de Waal, Bennett Freeman, Carne Ross, Federica D'Alessandra, and Unkrainian scholars, students, and experts presently in Oxford.