Oxford Conflict Peace and Security Hub

20 - 21 Mar
10:30 UK time
Lars-Erik Cederman
Carl Müller-Crepon
Seung Hoon Chae
Micha Germann
Patricia Justino
Neil Ketchley
Dan Miodownik
Amiad Haran Diman
Kristin Marie Bakke
David Siroky
Jakob Schram
Dan Midownik
Livia Isabella Schubiger
Lars-Erik Cederman
Laia Balcells
Anastasia Shesterinina
Vincenzo Bove
Emily Myers
Brasenose College, Lecture Room VII, Radcliffe Square OX1 4AJ
Members of the University only
Not required
The Oxford Conflict, Peace and Security Hub - coordinated by Professor Andrea Ruggeri - is organising an International Research Workshop entitled “Bridging Micro and Marco approaches. Integrating Peace Studies and Conflict Studies" on the 20 and 21 of March. The Hub will welcome 18 scholars from UK institutions (LSE, UCL, Warwick, York and Bath) and overseas institutions (ETH, Hebrew University, Madrid Carlos III, UNU-Wider, Georgetown, Duke and Florence University). Scholars will share their ongoing research with a round table on methods of studying conflict and peace. Participants will also explore future avenues of collaboration and how to bid for research grants. The workshop will end with an empirical showcase of Oxford early career researchers