Research Speed Meet-Up

19 Oct 2023
16:00 UK time
Manor Road Building, Common Room, Manor Road OX1 3UQ
Members of the University only
Please note that this event is open to DPIR Staff, post-docs and DPhils Only.
You are invited to join other DPIR DPhils, post-docs and staff for a Researcher Meet-Up at 17:00-18:45 on Thursday, 19 October in the Manor Road Building Common Room to get to know each other and learn what others are working on.

This event aims to foster the culture of academic exchange at DPIR. It brings DPhil students, post-docs, and DPIR staff together, to exchange what they work on and research ideas to promote academic collaboration among peers.

The format will be ‘speed meeting’, with each pair having two minutes per person (4 minutes in total) to introduce themselves and their research.