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Reuters Institute wins Facebook support for new project

April 28 2020

What kinds of digital news do people trust, why do they trust it, and what can publishers and platforms do to help people make decisions about what news to trust online? A new £3.3m ($4m) grant from more

Moaners, Gloaters, and Bystanders: Perceived Fairness of the United Kingdom’s 2016 Referendum on the European Union

April 28 2020

Florian S. Schaffner, DPhil candidate, has published a new article investigating perceptions of 'fairness' in the UK's 2016 EU referendum.
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Rural Democracy: Elections and Development in Africa

April 28 2020

Robin Harding, Associate Professor of Government, has published a new book exploring the introduction of democratic electoral competition across Africa. Rural Democracy: Elections and Development in more