Alejandro Posada-Téllez visits Fiji as part of an academic delegation

International Relations DPhil student Alejandro Posada-Téllez was recently invited to Fiji as part of a delegation of four UK-based academics, which set out to support and understand the Fijian government’s vision of an Ocean of Peace in the Pacific region.

During his stay in Fiji, Alejandro conducted consultations with over 75 Pacific stakeholders to understand various perspectives on the notion of peace in the region. Meetings with civil society organisations, diplomats, media, religious leaders, women and youth groups, uniformed personnel, government officials, and international organisations, as well as visits to the University of the South Pacific and the University of Fiji, provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of building peace within and beyond the Pacific. A meeting with Fiji’s President at the State House facilitated discussions on practical strategies for realising the vision of an Ocean of Peace.

For Alejandro, the Pacific Islands’ growing leadership on the global stage – particularly in the realms of international peacebuilding and climate security – highlights the importance of greater attention to and engagement with the region by UK universities.