Caiban Butcher wins Deirdre and Paul Malone Prize

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    Caiban Butcher

The prize, awarded by the Department’s International Relations Graduate Studies Committee, recognises outstanding achievement in the MPhil, including the MPhil thesis, and the quality of the student’s doctoral proposal.

Butcher’s main interests are in the history of international thought and English School approaches to the study of international order. His MPhil research focussed on Darwinism as a distinctive historical idiom of international theory and his DPhil research at the Department explores this further.

The Deirdre and Paul Malone Prize in International Relations was established by David M. Malone, one-time president of the International Peace Institute, who was awarded a DPhil in International Relations from Oxford in 1997 with a thesis on decision making in the UN Security Council. The prize was named in honour of his parents and is awarded annually. Eligibility is limited to MPhil candidates who intend to continue to the doctorate in International Relations.


Caiban Butcher is a DPhil student at DPIR