DPIR students elected as Oxford Student Union President and Vice-President

PPE student Danial Hussain (2021, Lady Margaret Hall) has won the race to be the next President of the Oxford Student Union, and International Relations MPhil student and Rhodes Scholar Nick Harris (2021, New College) has won the vote to take on the position of Vice-President for Postgraduate Education & Access.

They join a team of six new President and Vice-President officer holders and will carry out their leadership roles for the 2023-24 period.

Danial, who came to Oxford as part of Lady Margaret Hall's Foundation Year programme, won with his campaign to build ‘an Oxford that works for everyone’ by reducing college disparities, representing all communities, prioritising welfare, and improving transparency and efficiency within the Student Union itself.

“I grew up in a single-parent household in Bradford, schooled at the local state-comprehensive. After getting the dream opportunity to be on the Foundation Year at LMH and then become a student here, I’ve always endeavoured to give back to those who come from marginalised backgrounds like me,” Danial commented.

Nick’s campaign focused on creating a more fair, inclusive, and equitable Oxford community, and promoted the idea of improving graduate student representation through the creation of a separate student union specifically for Graduate students.

Nick explains: “We have an opportunity make a real difference in the Oxford community. The creation of a separate student union for graduate students allows our unique priorities to be amplified. Through working in collaboration with undergraduate students, there is a real opportunity to increase representation at Oxford and beyond. As graduate students, we can make a difference together."