DPIR’S Diane Robert wins prize in Global Essay Competition

MPhil in International Relations student Diane Robert has won a top prize in a Global Essay Competition organised by the St Gallen Symposium.

Diane qualified as one of the ‘100 Leaders of Tomorrow’ for her essay on political trust, in which she argued for the creation of opportunities for youth in high schools to meet, discuss with current leaders, and influence policymaking, as a way to rebuild trust in times of isolation and polarisation.

The St Gallen Symposium is the world's leading platform for debates on economic, political, and social developments. As an entirely student-run initiative, it is dedicated to fostering dialogue and innovation among the world's future leaders in a bid to address the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

As one of the top 100 submissions to the competition, as well as earning the title of ‘Leader of Tomorrow’, Diane also received a fully-funded trip to Switzerland to participate in a week-long conference on confronting scarcity. 

This involved engaging in panel discussions with senior leaders from diverse sectors, challenging the norm, and inspiring action alongside over 200 other young leaders.

Diane commented: 

“I met other students and young leaders from across the world and engaged in dialogue with senior leaders on the topics of democracy, technology, and peace. I learned how to challenge and discuss these critical issues with other generations of leaders, creating new opportunities for change. It was a unique opportunity to discuss with people who have very different research interests and approaches to theories of change, and to place myself within these dilemmas.”