Dr Francis Cheneval discusses personal data as private property

Dr Francis Cheneval, Chair in Philosophy at the University of Zurich, spoke at the Cyber Studies Lunch Seminar on the topic: 'Towards Property Owning Democracy by Private Property of Personal Data'. The event was chaired by Dr Lucas Kello.

Dr Cheneval elaborated on the notion of private ownership of personal data and its potential to generate a universal basic income. He presented a philosophical argument for the moral appropriateness of allowing citizens to own and sell their personal data. Because personal data is fairly equally distributed among people—more so than natural talents—Dr Cheneval argued that they present a pathway towards greater distributive justice and towards the development of a property-owning democracy.

The Cyber Studies Lunch Seminar provides a forum for academics and practitioners from across the social sciences, technology, and policymaking communities to discuss emergent trends in the information society.