Oxford team wins Cyber 9/12 2020 Challenge

A team from Oxford has won the Cyber 9/12 2020 Challenge—a first for the University.

Alexis Ciambotti (DPIR), Manuel Hepfer (Saïd Business School), Matthew Rogers (Computer Science), and Yashovardhan Sharma (Computer Science) completed three rounds of tasks, analysing a range of data and evidence to develop policy recommendations for a hypothetical scenario. Their work was evaluated by a panel of expert judges, representing government, industry, and academia. They were supported by Lucas Kello, Associate Professor of International Relations, who coached the team.

After a facing competition from Queen’s University Belfast and Royal Holloway London, they came first and won a paid summer internship with Sage UK.

The Cyber 9/12 Challenge is ‘designed to provide student competitors across varied disciplines a deeper understanding of the strategy challenges associated with cyber security, crisis and conflict’. The Challenge is organised by the Atlantic Council and supported by the UK Government.