OxPo programme extends for another four years

The Department is delighted to announce it has signed an agreement to renew the OxPo (Oxford-Sciences Po Network) for another four calendar years until 2026.

The programme is a joint venture between Sciences Po in Paris and the University of Oxford's Departments of Politics and International RelationsSocial Policy and Intervention, and Sociology – and the Oxford Centre for European History

Under the new agreement, Sciences Po and the University of Oxford's Departments stated above and the OCEH will exchange annually up to five young scholars and three academics who will visit the other institution with the status of Academic Visitor. 

OxPo provides a meeting point for scholars at both institutions with the objective of fostering and stimulating joint scientific projects. It provides a platform for the comparative analysis of the evolution of political systems and societies, in Europe and beyond.

The group coordinates comparative research projects that contribute toward this goal and it facilitates academic and student exchanges between the two universities.

OXPo Director Florence Faucher said: “The renewal of the network agreement reflects the depth and breadth of the connections that OxPo has developed between our institutions. The success of OxPo can be read in the many co-authored works published as well as in the collaborations and joint events taking place every year.

"The exchange programme for Faculty and doctoral students has fostered new relationships and is an essential part of the dynamic research environment and culture that we have built together. I am delighted with what we have achieved and thrilled by the excellence and the innovation of the projects emerging from our collaborations."

Chair of the Committees Stephen Whitefield said: “The OxPO exchange involving four Oxford departments including DPIR and Sciences Po in Paris has been an enormous success in fostering collaboration, research and multiple important publications, and has allowed faculty and research students in both institutions to build ongoing collaborative ties. 

“We are delighted that the OxPO agreement has been extended for another four years.”

 Florence Faucher  Stephen Whitefield, DPIR  Petra Schleiter, DPIR  Pascal Marty - Maison Francaise d'Oxford  Marek Naczyk - DSPI  David Priestland - History  Federico Varese - Sociology  Kate Vivian - Sciences Po

[Pictured left to right: Florence Faucher, OxPo; Stephen Whitefield, DPIR; Petra Schleiter, DPIR; Pascal Marty, Maison Francaise d'Oxford; Marek Naczyk, DSPI; David Priestland, History; Federico Varese, Sociology; Kate Vivian, Sciences Po.]

The renewal of the network agreement reflects the depth and breadth of the connections that OxPo has developed between our institutions.
OXPo Director Florence Faucher