Renata Dwan appointed Director of UN Institute for Disarmament Research

University of Oxford alumna, Dr Renata Dwan, has been appointed as Director of theUnited Nations Institute for Disarmament Research UNIDIR (UNIDIR).


Dr Dwan is a world expert in the fields of peacekeeping and security.   She holds an MPhil and a DPhil in International Relations from the University of Oxford, and was awarded the Hedley Bull Junior Research Fellowship.

Dr Dwan will lead UNIDIR's ongoing commitment to producing policy-relevant 'knoweldge for action' on disarmament and international security issues.  UNIDIR is an automous, voluntary-funded body within the UN which brings together states, international organisations, civil society and academia to promote action on disarmament and security.

Previously, Dr Dwan held the roles of Chief of Policy and Best Practices in the UN departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support.  Dr Dwan has worked at the UN for 12 years, leading major organisation-wide policy and reform initiatives on peace and security issues, including security sector reform and peacekeeping partnerships.  Before joining the UN, Dr Dwan worked at the  Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and the EastWest Institute in Budapest.