Ricardo Soares de Oliveira collaborates on new research project on professional enablers of corruption

DPIR’S Professor of the International Politics of Africa and Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on African Governance Ricardo Soares de Oliveira is part of a new FCDO-funded research project aiming to shed light on key figures who facilitate cross-border corruption schemes.

The project - Global Finance and the Enablers of Corruption: Identifying Enabler Networks and their Vulnerabilities – is a new partnership led by the University of Exeter and involving the University of Oxford. It is being coordinated by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

The initiative will draw on OCCRP’s existing data sources, with a team of experts collaborating on pulling together information on the sources of support for politically exposed persons (PEPs) and mitigating against the harm they cause.

I am delighted with the prospect of working with OCCRP and Exeter on this pioneering project.

This sort of collaboration between journalists and scholars holds extraordinary promise in terms of both knowledge production and urgent regulatory reform of service provision to kleptocrats.”

Professor Soares de Oliveira

The collaborative project is the first mass effort to draw on OCCRP’s data capacities for academic research. The project participants are among the recipients of the latest grants from the UK-funded Anti-Corruption Evidence Research Program.