From Questions and Puzzles to Research Project

The SAGE Handbook of Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations offers a comprehensive overview of research processes in social science—from the ideation and design of research projects, through the construction of theoretical arguments, to conceptualization, measurement, and data collection, and quantitative & qualitative empirical analysis—exposited through 65 major new contributions from leading international methodologists.

Each chapter surveys, builds upon, and extends the modern state of the art in its area. Following through its six-part organization, undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and practicing academics will be guided through the design, methods, and analysis of issues in Political Science and International Relations:

  • Part One: Formulating Good Research Questions & Designing Good Research Projects
  • Part Two: Methods of Theoretical Argumentation
  • Part Three: Conceptualization & Measurement
  • Part Four: Large-Scale Data Collection & Representation Methods
  • Part Five: Quantitative-Empirical Methods
  • Part Six: Qualitative & “Mixed” Methods