Visitor Scheme to Oxford for Sciences Po Faculty: SciencesPo-Nuffield College Fellowship

Visitors-OxPo exchange

Sciences Po offers three one-term (8 weeks) Visiting Fellowships at Nuffield College every year, as part of a specific agreement with the College. There is one Fellow per term (Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity) and the term dates are available onlinePlease check visa requirements (see the OxPo exchange webpage for further links and information).

  • The invitation is for one term and Fellows commit to spend the full term at Oxford

  • Applicants are invited to make sure that they have no teaching obligations in Sciences Po during their term in Oxford 

  • Sciences Po Fellows in Nuffield submit a short report of activities within three months of coming back at: These reports include a list of publications and forthcoming publications, seminar contributions, etc. Reports are examined by the Scientific Management Committee and edited versions of the reports can be posted to help future candidates plan their visit. 

The Fellowship offers:

  • a large study room in Nuffield College

  • dining rights in College and access to all college services including Common rooms, library, seminars, etc

  • access to the Bodleian library and the University as Visiting Fellows.

It is possible to request a (shared) working space in one of the four departments.

Whilst in Oxford, Sciences Po Fellows in Nuffield:

  • take an active role in academic life of the host institutions, including research and graduate seminars at Nuffield and through the University

  • are encouraged to present their research and develop future collaborations

  • can publish Working Papers linked to their stay, which are posted online.


OxPo Scientific Management Committee’s priorities:

  1. Excellence of the candidate.

  2. Fit between the project and the ability of the scholar to fulfil his/her project in either Oxford or Paris and to benefit from the academic environment to be joined. For instance stay in Oxford because of the resources and the prospect of working with other, identified if possible, scholars rather than a need to spend time exploring resources located in a different city.

  3. Benefit for the OxPo network in building further institutional connections and new collaborations as well as benefit for the individual scholar's research/career.

  4. People who have not taken part in the exchange before have priority, unless there are special circumstances such as the best opportunity to complete a project or the development of a new collaboration or programme.

Applications from academic faculty

All applications for an exchange in the academic year 2024-25 must be written in English, submitted by 11 March 2024 and sent as one single Word document to

Applications must include:

  • one short CV (maximum length: two A4 pages)

  • one letter of motivation (maximum length: two A4 pages), highlighting:

    • the research project or purpose of the application to the exchange scheme, i.e. how the exchange will further their research plans and, in the case of academics, future collaborations

    • the academics you intend to work with in Oxford or in Sciences Po

    • the Sciences Po Research Centre or the Oxford Department (DPIR, Sociology, SPI, OCEH) you feel you would best fit in

    • the planned dates of your stay (if you are applying from Oxford to Sciences Po or if you are a Sciences Po academic applying to Nuffield).