Alex Yeandle

Research Topic:

Voting Behaviour, Political Parties, Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa, British Politics
Government and Politics Network
St Edmund Hall College
MPhil Comparative Government

I’m an MPhil student in Politics (Comparative Government) at St Edmund Hall. My areas of interest include electoral behaviour, party systems and the politics of development. My MPhil research explores how internet and mobile phone connectivity have transformed voting behaviour across Sub-Saharan Africa. I'm also interested in British and European Politics.

Before starting the MPhil I read PPE at St Hugh’s College (Oxford), where I received the Gibbs Prize for best undergraduate thesis in Politics. The thesis studied how political parties in advanced democracies strategically polarise their manifesto positions to negotiate coalition agreements closer to their own policy preferences.

Outside of politics I enjoy running, cooking, travelling and playing the piano.


My research interests include:

  • Government,
  • Elections and electoral politics,
  • Comparative Politics and Government,
  • Elections,
  • Media,
  • Political Parties,
  • Political Economy
Alex Yeandle