Arianna Ioki U


Arianna Ioki U is a PhD candidate in international relations at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Her research interests are at the intersection of international development, infrastructure politics, and conflict dynamics in Africa. Specifically, her doctoral research aims to investigate the political economy of mega infrastructure projects in Kenya, especially the recent BRI projects. Previously, she has conducted various research and fieldwork regarding Africa’s development and Africa-China cooperation, spanning education, press freedom, agriculture, and trade. 

Arianna served as a teaching assistant at Schwarzman College for two graduate courses: China’s Foreign Relations and China’s International Development Cooperation. Prior to undertaking her DPhil, she completed her master’s degree at KU Leuven in Belgium and worked for the United Nations in Mozambique, the Macau SAR government, and an international consulting corporation. She also co-founded and managed a non-profit organisation Genervision House, a UN SDSN-Youth member organisation that aims to localise UN Sustainable Development Goals in Macau.