Cheryl Birdseye

Research Facilitation Officer
Research Facilitation
Office address
Department of Politics and International Relations, Manor Road Building, Oxford OX1 3UQ

Cheryl is a Research Facilitation Officer within the wider Research Facilitation team, responsible for providing pre-award support for those preparing applications for grants and funding awards. She is currently seconded to DPIR from History, where she has been since 2018, supporting academics in teaching and research projects, as well as working within the HR team to look after casual appointments and the department's EDI groups. She has worked in a variety of educational settings – including university teaching experience, as well as within study support systems at local primary and secondary schools, and within rehabilitation services for individuals leaving prison. She completed her PhD in English Literature in 2018.


My key responsibilities within the Research Facilitation Team include:

  • Pre-award support - all aspects of applications, including budgets.
  • Ethics - facilitating DREC administration by collating ethics applications for committee review and communicating with applications regarding queries and outcomes.


Key contacts


Office hours

I work compressed hours (8am-6pm) across four days of the week, as below:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays: working remotely.
  • Tuesdays and Fridays: working from the office.