Claas Mertens

International Relations Network
University College
DPhil International Relations

I am a DPhil/PhD candidate in International Relations with a focus on International Political Economy. My research interests are economic sanctions, trade conflicts, and environmental economics.

I previously worked as a management consultant in Germany. I hold a BA in Business from the University of St Gallen, an MPhil in Politics from Oxford, and was a Visiting Student at Harvard.

I am Rowing World Champion 2015 and represented Oxford in the 2018 Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. Now, I am a passionate and very average surfer.


I teach quantitative research methods at DPIR and have worked as a teaching assistant at the Oxford Internet Institute.


Carrots as Sticks: How Effective Are Foreign Aid Suspensions and Economic Sanctions?International Studies Quarterly, Volume 68, Issue 2, June 2024, sqae016,

The power of the “weak” and international organizations. The Review of International Organizations.

  • With Duncan Snidal, Thomas Hale, Emily Jones, and Karolina Milewicz