Ebenezer Azamati

Research Topic:

Realpolitik internationalism: Illiberal states' conceptions of liberal means to ending wars
International Relations Network
University College
DPhil International Relations

Azamati is a Radcliffe scholar in residence at University College, reading for the DPhil in International relations. His research interest spans Clausewitzian conceptions of war termination objectives, the interactions between ethics and realpolitik of states’ termination preferences, and the foundation of international orders. Particularly, his DPhil thesis investigates how illiberal great powers with different systems of governments and different sets of values that are not necessarily liberal conceive of the liberal means to ending wars, the extent to which their conceptions, interests, and intentions have influenced the processes, procedures, the norms and the foundational architecture of the liberal means to ending wars. His research sits at the intersection of international political actions and the raison d’état of illiberal great powers involved in the management of the international order via pre-eminent international institutions.


Ebenezer's research interests include:

  • United Nations,
  • Foreign Policy and diplomacy,
  • International law,
  • International order,
  • Liberalism,
  • Power,
  • States
Ebenezer Azamati