Elena Ratcliff

Acting Research Manager
Research Facilitation
Office address
Room 187, Manor Road Building, Manor Road, OX1 3UQ

Elena is the Research Compliance Lead within DPIR's Research Facilitation Team and currently Acting Research Manager, working closely with the Finance and HR teams and Project Administrators to oversee research compliance of the wide range of research activities within the Department.

Before working for DPIR, Elena worked as the Research Grants and Contracts Manager in the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nuffield Department of Medicine.


  • Promote and maintain a culture of compliance, research integrity, and high-quality research within the Department.

  • Post-award support - work closely with Principal Investigators (PIs) to ensure funded research projects meet all legal, financial, and ethical obligations and that sponsor terms and conditions are adhered to, and University processes are followed.

  • Developing and maintaining efficient and effective systems and processes for managing the Department’s research portfolio.

  • Manage the Research Facilitation Team.

  • Support the Director of Research to develop and implement DPIR's research strategy.

  • Secretary to the Research Committee.

  • Manage DPIR’s internal research support fund.

  • Support the impact culture within DPIR.