Eli Harris-Trent

International Relations Network
Nuffield College
MPhil International Relations

I am a first-year MPhil candidate in International Relations at Nuffield College, Oxford. I research post-conflict peacebuilding, with a focus on ex-combatant reintegration, transitional justice, and the legacies of violence. My MPhil research—supervised by Dr Neta Crawford—discusses long-term trajectories of ex-combatants and analyses how exposure to violence affects ex-combatants' understandings of and desire for post-conflict justice.

Additionally, I—alongside Dr Edgar Franco-Vicanco—am a co-author of an ongoing project concerned with state-building practices in the Mayan civilization. 

In April 2023, I received my BA with Highest Honors and Highest Distinction in political science, international studies, and Spanish from the University of Michigan.