Elizabeth Hodges

DPhil Oxon

Research Facilitation Manager
Research Facilitation

Elizabeth is the Research Manager leading DPIR's Research Facilitation team and overseeing the operation of the Department’s Research activity. The Research Manager is a member of the Department’s Strategic Management Team and works closely with, and deputises for, the Head of Administration & Finance.

Before working for DPIR, Elizabeth was seconded from the research support team at the Law Faculty to work as Research Impact Facilitator for Division, supporting the impact case studies for the REF. Her secondment included working on impact case studies for DPIR but also for the Blavatnik School of Government, the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), and the Law Faculty. Prior to her time at the University, Elizabeth worked in London for five years as a speech-writer and researcher in the House of Lords and as a project manager for the Crossbench Peer Lord Mawson’s social enterprise company Andrew Mawson Partnerships, which facilitates collaboration between government, corporations, and the public sector.


  • Manages all pre-award/ research funding applications for the Department

  • Oversees DPIR's post-award research activity and other research activity such as the Department’s research networks

  • Supports the Director of Research to develop and implement DPIR's research strategy

  • Develops and implements policies

  • Oversees support for audits and reviews including the Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise.

  • Broadens DPIR's research funding portfolio and identify new funding opportunities to enable academics to apply successfully to a wide variety of grants and explore new projects.

  • Provides support for researchers across the Department and deal with HR matters in relation to research staff, working with the HR team.

  • Secretary to the Research Committee.