Jacob Keesing Ostfeld

Political Theory Network
St Hugh's College
MPhil Political Theory

I intend to study normative political economy and theories of legitimacy as part of my MPhil at DPIR. Broadly speaking, I am interested in the relationship between formative contexts (state economic and political systems, systems of ideas, etc.) and formed routines (the practice of day-to-day life, interactions between individuals). What influence does one exert over the other and vice versa? Prior to studying at Oxford, I received my B.A from Harvard University in Government in 2023.

Research Interests

  • the political theories of Marx and Hegel
  • the political thought of the Frankfurt School (particularly Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and Ernst Bloch)
  • Citizen Assemblies and forms of democratic experimentation
  • the capability approach and contemporary political economy



  • English (native, fluent), German (intermediate), French (basic), Arabic (basic)