Kate Schneider

Research Topic:

Society-State Partnerships and Settler Colonial State Formation in North America
Government and Politics Network
Pembroke College
MPhil Comparative Government

Kate Schneider is an MPhil Politics (Comparative Government) student focusing on Canadian and American comparative politics. Her research interests include the political development of race, state formation, colonialism, and the nature of state power. Outside of Oxford, Kate works as a reporter for the Investigative Journalism Foundation.

She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Political Review, as well as the Director of Research and 2nd Vice President for Survivors to Superheroes, a non-profit based in New York that supports young survivors of sexual violence.

Previously, Kate graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA (Hons) in political science. At the University of Toronto, she completed her undergraduate thesis on the development of competing racial paradigms among state actors during the United States' overseas imperial expansion in the late 19th century.