Katharina Engel

Research Topic:

A History of Swiss Women's International Thought
Wolfson College
DPhil International Relations

Katharina Engel is a DPhil candidate in International Relations at the University of Oxford. Her research recovers historical Swiss women international thinkers from the early twentieth century. The project examines an almost entirely neglected cohort in the field of IR's intellectual history.

Her doctoral work contributes to the Leverhulme Research Project on Women and the History of International Thought (WHIT). Moving beyond Anglo-American locations, Katharina explores different sites of international thought in Switzerland. Her research evaluates the international thinking of historical Swiss women both within and outside academia. This includes a wide range of professional contexts such as political activism and journalism. She is also looking at Swiss nurses who thought and wrote about international relations in the context of their humanitarian work.

Katharina holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Heidelberg (Germany, 2019), a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Zurich (Switzerland, 2021), and a Master of Letters in International Political Theory from the University of St Andrews (Scotland, 2022). Her Master's degrees were funded by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.