Luuk van Roozendaal


Government and Politics Network
St Antony's College
MPhil Comparative Government

I am an MPhil student in Politics (Comparative Government) at St Antony's College. My primary research focus is voter suppression and political inequality in the United States. For my dissertation I will investigate the connection between racial segregation and voter suppression. I currently also work as research staff at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, researching perceptions towards government use of Artificial Intelligence.

Prior to my time in Oxford, I completed an MSc in Political Science at Leiden University and a BSc in Governance, Economics, and Development at Leiden University College. I received the 2021 Political Science Master's Thesis Prize for my MSc Thesis on polling place closures in the US and a Thesis of Merit Award for my BSc thesis on racial gerrymandering in the US.

My degree at Oxford is supported by a Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Scholarship as well as a Dr. Hendrik Mullerfonds Scholarship.