Marie-Lou Sohnius

Nuffield College
DPhil Politics

I am a DPhil candidate in Politics working on non-citizen voting rights in the United Kingdom. My doctoral research is jointly funded by the Grand Union DTP (Economic and Social Research Council) and Nuffield College. Before starting my DPhil, I completed my Bachelor's and Master's in Political Science at the University of Mannheim with a specialisation in elections, quantitative methods, and survey research. I was a visiting student at the University of Sheffield, UK, where I focused on economic inequality and voting behaviour. 

My substantive work focuses on public opinion, elections and voting. I am especially interested in temporary disenfranchisement and explore the opportunities and risks of partial eligibility for underage citizens and non-citizens. Methodologically, I am interested in quantitative and computational methods, quasi-experimental designs and new data collection methods using social media and APIs.

Alongside my studies, I have been a research assistant at the Chair of Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences, the German Internet Panel in Mannheim, and the Department of Statistics at LMU. In 2018 and 2020, I taught tutorials in Empirical Political Research at the University of Mannheim.