Mats Ahrenshop

Research Topic:

Political Economy of Citizens, Taxation and the State
Government and Politics Network
Trinity College
DPhil Politics

My research interests are at the intersection of political economy and development with a particular focus on state capacity, taxation, and political participation. I have conducted fieldwork on these topics in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). I also have an interest in experimental methodology.

Mats Ahrenshop


Working papers:

"Does Local Leadership Lower Bias in Law Enforcement? Experiments with India's Rural Politicians'' (with Tanushree Goyal and Sam van Noort) Under review

"Inaccurate Forecasting of a Randomized Controlled Trial'' (with Miriam Golden, Saad Gulzar and Luke Sonnet) Under review

Work in progress:

"Tax Earmarking, Political Efficacy, and Citizen Participation''

"Who Negotiates the Fiscal Contract? Taxation, Elite Capture, and Citizen Participation in Politics''

"State Building via Punitive and Restorative Justice: Evidence from the D.R. Congo" (with Augustin Bergeron, Marina Ngoma, James Robinson, and Jonathan Weigel)