Michaela Coplen

Research Topic:

Negotiation Theory; International Relations
International Relations Network
Lincoln College
DPhil International Relations

As a DPhil student in DPIR, I am currently researching negotiation theory in international relations. Prior to the DPhil, I completed the MPhil in International Relations at the University of Oxford as a Marshall Scholar.


While at Oxford I have completed DPIR’s tutor training course and delivered tutorials with undergraduate students studying Politics. I teach the following modules:

  • International Relations

  • US Politics


My research focuses on four main areas:

  • Critical approaches to foreign policy analysis

  • Negotiation theory

  • Political psychology

  • US Foreign Policy


I have experience and training in the following research methodologies:

  • Qualitative social science methods including surveys and interviews

  • Case study and archival research

 Beyond research skills, I have specific expertise in:

  • Creative writing and communications

  • Editing for academic publications and popular press

  • Strategic consulting


My research is supported by awards including the Margaret C Peabody Fellowship in International Relations, the Women in Defense scholarship, grants from the British Fund for Women Graduates and the Humanitarian Trust, and Lincoln College’s Crewe Graduate Scholarship.


Bjola, C., & Coplen, M. (2022). Virtual Venues and International Negotiations: Lessons from the COVID-19 PandemicInternational Negotiation (published online ahead of print 2022).