Mikael Hiberg Naghizadeh

2019 Deidre and Paul Malone Prize; Aker Scholarship

Research Topic:

The Origins of Islamist Insurgencies
International Relations Network
New College
DPhil International Relations


My research interests include:

  • Groups, Identities and Social Movements,
  • Civil wars,
  • Violence security and conflict


Natasja Rupesinghe, Mikael Hiberg Naghizadeh and Corentin Cohen. “Reviewing Jihadist Governance in the Sahel,” Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), 2021. Read a summary article on this research paper - The Sahel’s jihadists don’t all govern alike: context matters published in The Conversation.

Naghizadeh, Mikael Hiberg., Andreas Øverlie Svela, and Henrik Schou Røising. 2019. “Kvanteteknologi er Sikkerhetspolitikk – Skal Norge Henge Med? [Quantum Technology is Security Politics --Will Norway Partake?]” Aftenposten (In Norwegian).

Naghizadeh, Mikael Hiberg. 2019. “Rivalry Through Proxies: How Iran and Saudi Arabia Compete for Regional Influence.” St Antony’s International Review 14 (2), 137-153.

Naghizadeh, Mikael Hiberg. 2016. “Sanksjoner og Irans Atomprogram.” Babylon 2 (2016): 16-28. (In Norwegian).