Nick Dickinson

BA MSt Oxf, MRes PhD Exeter

Bingham Early Career Fellow in Constitutional Studies
Oxford Constitutional Studies Forum
Government and Politics Network
Balliol College
Office address
Balliol College, Oxford, OX1 3BJ

I am a specialist in British and Commonwealth comparative politics, working primarily in the areas of parliamentary studies and public policy. My doctoral research focused on remuneration for political work, with an emphasis on the regulation of salaries and expenses of MPs in ‘Westminster’-style democracies. The project spanned themes of the economics of politics, the theory of independent regulation, as well as democratic accountability and the constitutional question of control of parliaments over their internal arrangements.

My current research programme as Bingham Fellow aims to produce an interdisciplinary approach to constitutional studies. This will respond to the need for a more polyarchic understanding of the constitution, in particular analysing the constitution from a parliamentary studies and policy and governance perspective.

Nick Dickinson



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Journal articles

“Advice Giving and Party Loyalty: an Informational Model for the Socialisation Process of New British MPs”. Parliamentary Affairs, Volume 71, Issue 2, 1 April 2018, Pages 343 -364

Book Chapters

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Conference/working papers

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Book Reviews

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