Samantha Potter

Research Topic:

International Relations and Outer Space Governance
Exeter College
MPhil International Relations

I am a USAF Acquisition Officer at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts in the US. I was previously a MPhil Candidate in International Relations. My research focused on outer space governance and regime building as well as the role of emerging technologies in international relations. Previously, I studied migration and its impact on military operations. I am a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, having studied law and English literature as well as Russian. I previously interned with the Secretary of the Air Force General Council, working on military, international, and intelligence legal issues. In 2018, I was awarded the Holaday Scholarship to attend the University of Oxford. Following the successful completion of my degree, I will work as an acquisition officer in the United States Air Force.


  • Russian (intermediate proficiency),
  • Spanish (elementary proficiency)


My research interests include:

  • International law,
  • International relations,
  • International security,
  • Laws of war
Samantha Potter


  • Potter, S, (2020) 'Have We Finally Moved Past the Unilateral Age of Apollo? The Aremis Accords, Explained',  The Oxford Politics Blog
  • Potter, S, (2018) 'Fear the Little Green Men: Holding Russia Accountable in Ukraine', New York University Undergraduate Law Review 
  • Potter, S, (2017) '50 Years Was Too Long to Wait: Updates to the International Refugee Legal Regime', Arkansas Little Rock Law Review

Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Potter, S, (2020) 'Ensuring Star Trek Instead of Star Wars: A Constructivist Case for a Rules-Based Regime in Outer Space', Warwick University Graduate Conference 
  •  Potter, S, (2017) 'Updates to the International Refugee Legal Regime', Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum