Sarah Bufkin

Research Topic:

Critical Theory and critical race theory
Political Theory Network
All Souls College
DPhil Politics

I am currently a DPhil student in Political Theory. My project is situated around the ethics of racialised subjectivation in rigid racial hierarchies like that of the United States. Combatting racism and identifying its harms involves explaining how racialised subjectivities are formed, or deformed, by their constitution under certain structural and ideological conditions. In particular, I am looking at how normative political theory ought to approach the ethical and political problems posed by these ongoing practices of racial stratification. More broadly, I am interested in Cultural Studies, particularly the work of Stuart Hall and the Birmingham School; feminist theories; theories of ideology and knowledge production; and continental philosophies of the self and Other.

Before coming to Oxford, I completed my MA in Moral, Legal and Political Philosophy at the Queen's University - Belfast and my BA in Cultural Studies and History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


I have run tutorials in Marx and Marxism; Political Sociology; Political Thought from Bentham to Weber; and Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Politics. I have also supervised undergraduate dissertation projects.


Sarah Bufkin