Simeon Goldstraw

Research Topic:

Establishing a Political Claim to Leisure
Nuffield College
DPhil Politics

I am a DPhil student in Politics specialising in contemporary political theory. My thesis explores citizens' claims to leisure. Arguing against the dominant understanding of leisure as free time - which informs policies such as the four-day week - I call for a claim to an Aristotelian/Marxian conception of leisure which demands a wide bundle of leisure goods including, but not limited to, free time. In the process, I make contributions to debates in political theory pertaining to the capabilities approach, political liberalism and public goods.

My postdoctoral proposal aims to continue this work and embed it into a wider justification of "universal basic services".

I also have an interest in questions around freedom of expression, particularly in the arts, and have published on what duties comedians have to avoid causing harm.