Thomas Mayne

Joffe Trust Research Fellow

Tom is a Research Fellow, currently working on a project entitled ‘Providing the Evidence and Analysis for a UK Counter-Kleptocracy Strategy’ which examines how to improve the regulation of the UK’s financial services sector to prevent money from being stolen by autocratic regimes abroad.

For 12 years, Tom worked as a Senior Campaigner for Global Witness, an anti-corruption NGO that works to end the exploitation of natural resources. He was responsible for investigations featuring the countries of Eurasia, covering such diverse topics as the Russia-Ukraine gas trade, money laundering in Kyrgyzstan and the listing of Kazakh companies on the London Stock Exchange.

His expertise is anti-corruption legislation, and prior to joining University of Oxford he worked on the UK government funded Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence Project, which resulted in two reports: The UK’s Kleptocracy Problem (Chatham House, 2021) and Criminality Notwithstanding (University of Exeter, 2022).


(2022) with J. Heathershaw, Notwithstanding Criminality: The Use of Unexplained Wealth Orders in Anti-Corruption Cases (GI-ACE)

(2021) with J. Heathershaw, A. Cooley, T. Mayne, C. Michel, T. Prelec and J. Sharman, The UK’s Kleptocracy Problem: How servicing post-Soviet elites weakens the rule of law (Chatham House)