Tor Frøytvedt Dahl

Research Topic:

Reembedding knowledgable capital: The political economy of venture capital policies in Europe
Balliol College
MPhil European Politics and Society
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I am an MPhil student in Politics (European Politics and Society) and a member of Balliol College, University of Oxford as a recipient of the Aker Scholarship. My research focuses on industrial policy, financialization and EU institutions, specifically with a look to the growing series of measures to support the European venture capital market. I am interested in why, after decades of curbing Member States’ ability to commit money to select industries, the EU and Member State governments appear to be changing their views of what are legitimate tools of economic policy.

Before coming to Oxford, I was the political adviser for the Liberal Party (Venstre) in the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. I hold two BAs, one from Sciences Po Paris in the Social Sciences (cum laude) and another one from the University of California, Berkeley in Political Economy (magna cum laude, Highest Honors in Political Economy). My undergraduate dissertation studied the politics of Chinese FDI in the European Union in relation to the Eurozone crisis and the implementation of an EU-wide FDI screening mechanism  in 2019.

My core research interests include:

  • Comparative and international political economy

  • Financialization

  • European Union politics

  • Industrial policy

  • Climate and energy transition

I am also, on a hobby basis, partial to topics in intellectual history and political theory.

Please feel free to get in touch if our research interest interests overlap.