Tuuli-Anna Huikuri

Research Topic:

Global Governance of International Investment
International Relations Network
Nuffield College
DPhil International Relations

Tuuli-Anna Huikuri is a doctoral candidate in International Relations at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on global governance of international investment, supervised by Professor Duncan Snidal.

Tuuli-Anna teaches quantitative methods with the Q-Step program in Department of Politics and International Relations. She also works as a research assistant on professors Duncan Snidal (Oxford) and Kenneth Abbott (ASU) with their project on a new transnational governance framework, coding regulatory standards-setting schemes. Tuuli-Anna previously completed the MPhil in International Relations and has a BA in International Politics from King's College London. She is a former theme editor of St Antony's International Review issue on "Redrawing Boundaries of International Law" (2017/18), and a former lead tutor of politics at Oxford Summer Courses (2016/17).


  • American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship 2019/2020
  • Nuffield College Research Award 2018, 2019
  • Osk. Huttunen Foundation Scholarship 2018/2021
  • Rotary Ry Scholarship 2016
  • Q-Step Scholarship for Essex Summer School on Social Science Data Analysis 2014


Tuuli-Anna's research interests include:

  • Global governance,
  • Institutions and organisations,
  • International law,
  • International cooperation,
  • International relations,
  • Political Economy
Tuuli-Anna Huikuri


Conference Papers and Presentations

  • "Beyond Dispute Settlement: Alternative Instruments in the Investment Regime", International Studies Association 2019, Toronto
  • "Terminating to Renegotiate: Bargaining in the Investment Treaty Regime", Political Economy of International Organization 2019, Salzburg
  • "Backlash and Bargaining: Investment Treaty Terminations and Reform in the Investment Regime", European International Studies Association 2018, Prague