William Allen

BA Alma, MPhil DPhil PGCertTLHE Oxon

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Non-Stipendiary Research Fellow, Nuffield College
Government and Politics Network
Nuffield College

I am a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow and non-stipendiary lecturer in politics at St John's College. My current project, 'Do Facts Still Matter? Examining the Importance of Information for Migration Attitudes', combines computational media analysis, experiments, and counterfactual modelling of global survey data to consider how and for whom factual knowledge about migration matters for political behaviour.

Previously, I was a Supernumerary (Career Development) Teaching Fellow at St John's College, Fellow by Examination (Junior Research Fellow) at Magdalen College, and a Mann Senior Scholar at Hertford College.

I completed my DPhil in Politics at DPIR with the support of an ESRC Advanced Quantitative Methods studentship, and an MPhil in Development Studies at the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) as a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation graduate scholar. I also have nearly a decade of research and public engagement experience with Oxford's Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society (COMPAS), including The Migration Observatory and The Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity.


My research agenda, spanning Europe and Latin America, uses international migration as a lens onto comparative political behaviour, political communication, and public policy to explore:

  • causes and consequences of attitudes towards immigrants, refugees, and forcibly displaced people

  • how media relate to political behaviour and policymaking

  • information effects, mis- and disinformation, fact-checking

I also have interests in research methods and developing more effective public engagement with social science, with a focus on:

  • experimental methods including conjoint designs

  • computational social science

  • visual methods

  • knowledge exchange and impact

Selected Professional and Departmental Service

Associate Editor, Journal of Refugee Studies (2021--)
Associate Editor, Evidence & Policy (2019--)
Appointed Member, AHRC Peer Review College (2022--)
Early-Career Representative, DPIR Research Committee (2021--)
Co-Chair (2022-23) and DPIR Representative, Social Science Division Research Staff Forum (2021--)
Public Engagement with Research Leader, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford (2019-21)


Refereed Journal Articles

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--Winner of the 2016 Carol Weiss Prize, Best Early-Career Paper, Evidence & Policy

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