Interpreting the UK election results and why the opinion polls got it wrong

Chris Hanretty

We were very lucky to have two of the biggest experts in the country for this talk, whose work has attracted a lot of attention in academic and media outlets over the last months.  Dr Stephen Fisher (University of Oxford) has done pre-election forecasting at and was part of the team for the BBC/ITN/SKY exit poll and BBC results based prediction.  Professor Chris Hanretty (University of East Anglia) has conducted pre-election forecasting for, and is just wrapping up really interesting research explaining the outcome of the election and why it was so difficult to predict.

This talk was part of the 'PPE Talks' series organised every term at Merton College, and took place on Tuesday 19 May at 3pm in the T.S. Elliot Theatre.  It was convened by Dr Sergi Pardos-Prado.

You can download Dr Fisher's PowerPoint presentation by clicking here, and Professor Hanretty's PowerPoint presentation by clicking here.