Launch of Constitutional Studies Programme

Launch of Constitutional Studies Programme
Nick Barber
Jeremy Waldron

You can download a PDF file of Iain McLeans accompanying PowerPoint presentation by clicking here

The Constitutional Studies Programme is a joint initiative between the Faculty of Law and the Department of Politics at the University of Oxford. Its objectives are to increase the amount of interdisciplinary cooperation between law and political science in the field of constitutional studies and to raise the profile of the academic study of constitutional law and politics.

This series of online symposia is a forum for exploring these themes in newly published works by recognised academics in these fields. We will include works on constitutional theory as well as on the empirical issues that underlie constitutions—particularly those that are important to uncodified constitutions like that of the UK. It will include posts from scholars in the disciplines of law and political science, including faculty and graduate students. We hope that it will be a model for future symposia in other areas and will also provide a framework for further workshops, conferences and symposia in the field of constitutional studies.

In addition to this podcast, you can read more about this programme on the Politics In Spires website: